Slurm - Shortcuts and Aliases

Some of the Slurm commands can be a little clunky, especially if you start modifying their display output (using the -o parameter that many of them support), so to help you out, we’ve created these additional aliases and shortcuts that are available systemwide for everyone to use.


Starts a remote shell (ie, an interactive job) on a compute node. This is equivalent to srun --pty bash but still allows for providing additional resource parameters (queue, cpus, etc), which wouldn’t be accepted by a normal alias in this specific use case:

$ srsh --partition=short


Lists the current state of the nodes, but with additional CPU allocation information (allocated/idle/other/total). This is equivalent to sinfo -o '%24N %.6D %.9P %.6t %.14C' -N:

$ snodes
n19-04-008-cortana            1     debug   idle        0/4/0/4
n19-32-192-ghost              1     short   idle      0/64/0/64
n19-32-192-groot              1     short   idle      0/64/0/64


Provides historical post-job information (memory and CPU usage) for a job (with the -j <jobID>) or all recent jobs if no arguments are given. This is equivalent to sacct --format=JobId,ReqMem,MaxRSS,AllocCPUS,TotalCPU,State,Elapsed --units=G:

$ sjobacct -j 1000
       JobID     ReqMem     MaxRSS  AllocCPUS   TotalCPU      State    Elapsed
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
630_369          3.91Gn                    32  00:00.026  COMPLETED   00:01:01
630_369.bat+     3.91Gn      0.00G         32  00:00.025  COMPLETED   00:01:01
630_369.ext+     3.91Gn      0.00G         32   00:00:00  COMPLETED   00:01:01


Provides (limited) information on the maximum memory use of an active job. This is equivalent to sstat --format=JobId,MaxRSS:

$ sjobstat -j 1000
       JobID     MaxRSS
------------ ----------
637874.0         11580K