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Email is best if you need a response from a system administrator, whereas Slack is ideal for more general, community-based support where you can discuss HPC, Linux, bioinformatics, the weather…

The admins

Iain Milne - Head of Research Computing, JHI


Iain has been nuts on computers ever since getting access to a BBC Micro in the early 80s. His enthusiasm for them hasn’t waned over time, and he now splits his time between all things HPC/Linux and more general software development, concentrating on informatics visualization and decision support tools.

Rob Vickerstaff - Scientific Computing Officer, NIAB

Rob has a background in computational biology research including neuroscience, ethology and vision. He has also worked as a bioinformatician on oats and strawberry, with a particular interest in specialist genetic mapping software. Other interests include astrophotography and virtual reality.